Legend of the Void 2

"The land of Calderia is on the brink of chaos. The Void Ritual, cast by the evil Arch Mage Gazzen only a few moons ago, commanded horders of undead to rise and lay waste to humanity.

A hero arose to challenge the Arch Mage, destroying him while in the midst of summoning a powerful Voidlord to the mortal realm.

It was as The Ancient Tomes had predicted, but on the beginning of what was set forth in the prophecy of the end times.

Now, after spending what feels like an eternity imprisoned in The Void battleing for control of your mind, your reach the final demon standing between you and your escape to consciousness..."

Legend of the Void Chapter 2

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Legend of the Void 2: The Ancient Tomes, picks up immediately where chapter 1 left off. You find yourself in the inner chambers of The Black Gate where Arch Mage Gazzen attempted to summon a powerful Voidlord to the mortal realm. As you fight your way back to the surface you discover the Tome of Rebirth, one of the four Ancient Tomes which had been lost for centuries. You also meet Alyss, a scout for the expedition sent to rescue you. With the help of Alyss and many others you must battle through the massive land of Calderia, including temperate forests, the snowy north, jungles, beaches, ancient caves, and even The Void, where the Voidlords which are leading the demonic invasion into Calderia reside. Your adventure climaxes on the volcanic island of The Infernal Spire, where your final showdown against the demonic forces of The Void will determine the fate of humanity in Calderia.


Legend of the Void 1

"The Ancient Tomes foretold of a dark ritual, that would cause the sky to burn, raining fire down upon Earth, and commanding the dead to rise. Armageddon.

Possessed with an unnamed evil, the Arch-Mage Gazzen performed the Void Ritual in secret, held in the bowels of a military prison ship. Indeed, the sky is now ablaze, the dead have risen... and Gazzen prepares his escape.

The Ancient Tomes were not without hope, however. They foretold of a hero who would return from the precipice of death, their fate intertwined with the Void Ritual, to stop the prophecy from completing at any cost..."

Legend of the Void Chapter 1

Link: Play Legend of the Void Chapter 1 now at Kongregate.com

Journey through the land in pursuit of an evil mage hell bent on bringing Armageddon to the world of Caldaria. Battle hordes of monsters, beasts, bandits, and demons using dozens of awesome weapons and spells. Strategic turn-based combat meets world exploration through beautifully generated environments inhabited with interesting characters and menacing enemies. Will you be the one to defeat the Arch-Mage Gazzen and prevent Armageddon from striking Caldaria?


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